Costume Parade 10/29

Costume Parade gives the Technicians (Costume, Lighting) a chance to view their work well before the show goes up.  Think of it like stepping back and looking at a painting as a whole rather than each individual brushstroke.  The production staff needs to make sure their designs are not in conflict with one another.  It also helps us to get a sense of what’s still missing or what is clearly not working to tell the story visually.

*Actors are asked to arrive to Costume Parade all ready IN CHARACTER MAKE-UP, and  capped for wigs if assigned.  Basically, prepare as if you were about to do the show that day.  You will put on as MUCH of your costume as you have been assigned, and walk out on stage under lighting appropriate to the scene which is being portrayed.  Ex: Tradition – opening number, daily-life costume.

Please refrain from dithering backstage.  We need to move quickly from one scene to the next.  During or after the parade, you may be asked to try different options than originally assigned to you or trade pieces with another actor.  Do NOT panic, this is part of the process and remember NOTHING is truly yours until the curtain goes up on Opening Night.

Lastly, it would be wise to bring/wear all appropriate undergarments and hosiery/socks necessary.

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