Winter Show Callback Lists

Congratulations to all those called back! Please note that you may have been called back for both shows so be go to both callbacks. Both cast lists will be posted Thursday night/Friday morning.

Carries Lions: Wednesday, November 29th 3-5pm


Greg Bolles, Aden Bickler, David Nelson, Liam Miller, Adrian Augustyn, Will Fisher


Katie Nowak, Grace Porter, Sophia Sailer, Amelia Gailloux, Celeste Frakes,

Nicole Ruppert, Grace Lofstrom, Kenzie Fronek, Anna Macleod, Abby Hinricks

Harvey: Thursday, November 30th 3-5:30pm


Stavan Bhakta, Aden Bickler, Greg Bolles, Max Dewberry,

Amin Mahdi, Ike Nebecker, Elias Turner


Grace Capouch, Jasmine Carter, Celeste Frakes, Anna Frischmon,

Kenzie Fronek, Ava Griswold, Abby Hinricks, Sophie Jester,

Anna Macleod, Nicole Ruppert, Rachel Wagner

Thanks to all those who auditioned! If you did not get a callback, we still encourage you to participate in tech! More of that will be posted.



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