You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Cast List

Congratulations to the people cast in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown!

First rehearsal will be Friday (11/30) at 3 pm in the auditorium.

Charlie Brown: Aden Bickler

Schroeder: Xander Gordy

Linus: Sam Zweifelhofer

Shermy: Vishwa Madhusudhanan

Pig Pen: James Wilkins

ReRun: Ryan Hines

Roy: Jacob Peterson

Lucy: Abby Schroeder

Sally: Celeste Frakes

Snoopy: Maggie Heil

Frieda: Jilly Pearson

Peppermint Patty: Kathryn Yearwood

Marcie: Camari Rodgers

Violet: Katie Nowak

5595422: Grace Capouch

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