Thieves’ Carnival Info

This year’s Spring Play is Thieves’ Carnival! Here is all the info you need to know:

Cast: 8 men, 5 women

Rehearsals begin Feb. 28th. No rehearsals during spring break.

Performances: April 26th and 27th in the PAC

THE STORY: “This most successful of Anouilh’s works in the United States is an excellent lark loaded with humorous whims, romance, and masquerades. The scene is a palatial home where two attractive young girls reside. The home is invaded by three affectionate thieves, on the one hand, and by a country bumpkin on the other. A lovely romance blooms instantly between one of the girls and the youngest theif. Being a very honest fellow, he cannot in good conscience accept her love, and instead turns with vengeance towards his job. But she is swifter in her wiles than he is in his.” (Quoted from the Samuel French Website)


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