Spring Show Callbacks

The following people have been called back for Thieves’ Carnival and Black Comedy!

Callbacks will be March 4th from 3 – 5:30 pm in the auditorium.

Big thank you to all who auditioned! If you did not get a callback, we encourage you to join tech or costuming!


Cat Barrett, Grace Capouch, Jasmine Carter, Anna Frischmon, Nicki Kunz, Katie Nowak, Anna Pecci, Camari Rodgers, Karin Seaver, Anna Wilson, Kathryn Yearwood


Adrian Augustyn, Stavan Bhakta, Aden Bickler, Alec Drieslein, Will Fischer, William Gillquist, Xander Gordy, Ryan Hines, Ethan Hook, Vishwa Madhusudhanan, Amin Mahdi, David Nelson, James Wilkins, Sam Zwiefelhofer

This list is on the drama door. All people on it should initial next to their names to confirm that you have seen it and will be at callbacks.

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