Thieves’ Carnival Cast List

Congratulations to those cast in Thieves Carnival!

First rehearsal will be at 3 pm tomorrow (3/5) in the PAC.

Lady Hurf: Katie Nowak

Eva: Anna Frischmon

Juliette: Karin Seaver

Peterbono: Amin Mahdi

Hector: Stavan Bhakta

Gustave: Will Fischer

Lord Edgard: Grace Capouch

Madame Dupont-Dufort: Kathryn Yearwood

Dupont-Dufort Junior: Adrian Augustyn

Town Crier: Xander Gordy

Nursemaid: Nicki Kunz

Policeman 1: Sam Aaberg

Policeman 2: Alec Drieslin

Invalids, Pickpocket Victims: Ryan Hines, Vishwa Madhusudhanan, Camari Rodgers, Anna Wilson, Sam Zwiefelhofer

The Stage Director/Stage Manager position is still open!

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