Trajectories Show List

Congratulations to all selected to direct and choreograph in Trajectories XXXV!


  1. “When I Grow Up” (Girls Dance) by Karin Seaver, Nicole Mayer, and Anna Frischmon
  2. “The Village” by Katherine Kregness
  3. “Tell Me You Love Me” by Jilly Pearson, Madi Mitchell, and Macy Fick
  4. “Equation” by Cecilia Casper
  5. “Sun” by Cecilia Casper and Tori Schneider
  6. “Checkmate” by Aden Bickler and Karin Seaver


  1. “Weird Wednesday” by Camari Rodgers and Nicki Kunz
  2. “New Boy” by Karin Seaver and Nicole Mayer
  3. “Stupid” by Max Dewberry and Karin Seaver
  4. “You Are So Welcome” by Aden Bickler and Anna Frischmon
  5. “Jessie, Can’t You See?” by Katie Nowak, Bella Martell, and Kate Hawley

Thank you for all your submissions! We’ll be having a meeting for all directors and choreographers in the coming month (a GroupMe will be set up soon as well).

Get the word out about auditions in the meantime! They will be on August 12th, and more info can be found on our blog or on the Incoming Freshmen page.


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