Spring Show Auditions

Auditions for spring shows are coming up fast!

The two shows this spring are Almost, Maine (directed by Christopher Kent) and These Shining Lives (directed by Laurie Nebeker). Information about these shows is in a previous update.


MONOLOGUE MENTORS: March 2nd from 3-5 pm, AUD

AUDITIONS: March 3rd-4th from 3-5 pm, AUD

CALLBACKS: March 5th from 3-5 pm, AUD, possible March 6th

AUDITION MATERIAL: 30-60 second monologue, dramatic or comedic

Spring show auditions are open call! This means that you will perform your audition in front of the directors and also everyone else that is auditioning. No time slot sign ups will be available, you will just have to show up and hang out until your name is called!

Please come knowing your conflicts from March 7th – May 2nd. Please let the directors know if you are only willing and/or able to participate in a particular show.

We’re so excited to get started! Break a leg auditioners!

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