2020 Updated Lettering Info

Hello everyone! We as a Drama Department understand that this year has changed a lot of the things that make our Drama Department special. Due to COVID-19, our executive committee has decided to drop some of the requirements for lettering! We realize this is a tough year and lettering may be more difficult due to the cohort systems, so we wanted to give you all a bit of a format!

This year’s lettering requirements stand as follows:

-160 hours (can be a combination of cast or tech!)

-6 Drama Club Credits

-1 Lettering Project

As the year goes on, you may have trouble choosing a lettering project! Just know that we are here to help! Even if you have a rough idea of what you want to do, you should always run it by an exec member or a director!

Here are some ideas for lettering projects:

-Informational Videos (these can be or theater etiquette, stage directions, makeup application, warmup tips, scripting, and more!)

-Workshops (workshops are something that we are trying out this year! These will be opportunities that you can organize in the place of a Drama Club! If you want to teach a lesson or host a special guest in the theater world, this is a great way to show off your skills and connections!)

-Language Interpretations (If you are learning ASL or want to help hard-of-hearing audience members, then this is a great way to earn a lettering project! You will be tasked with a way to help certain audience members hear a show using professional methods!)

-House Playlists (Every show has a personalized playlist to add the perfect atmosphere for the audience! If you have a taste for music, this is a great way to customize a playlist for a show! This not only helps out our tech crew, but also lets you shine in a creative aspect.)

-Prop Cataloging (If you are on tech, you probably are familiar with the “Prop Bible”. This is a list of all of the props at EPHS, and is severely outdated. If you are more of the list-taker, organizing type of person this is perfect for you!)

-Organizing a Drama Space (During the hustle and bustle of EPHS shows, we tend to get our hands a little dirty. This is no exception for our spaces! If you love to organize physical objects on a larger scale, consider helping organize a Drama Space! This is a larger project, and we definitely recommend having a partner to take on this messy task!)

**Remember, if you chose any of these options, you HAVE to message an exec member with your idea so you can get the green checkmark! We love seeing everyone get their own ideas, so if you want to do a creative project don’t be afraid to bring it up! We want to make sure your projects are safe and not too difficult, and are happy to help.**

If you have any questions or concerns about lettering this year, message one of our exec members! We hope this post can clear up a few things about lettering and give you a better picture of what you can do to help out the Drama Department!

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