Winter Play – Arsenic and old Lace Cast List

Congrats to all who auditioned! Below is the cast list for arsenic and old lace by Joseph Kesselring, directed by Kari Beutz

Abby Brewster – Marit Kniffen
Rev. Dr. Harper – Adam Szendre
Teddy Brewster – Sebastian Princ
Officer Brophy – Esrhyana Tyler
Officer Klein – Kelly Wagner
Martha Brewster – Britta Rekstad
Elaine Harper – Stella Cavara
Mortimer Brewster – Zak Bhatti
Mr. Gibbs – Sam Wolberg
Jonathan Brewster – Aidan Gordy
Dr. Einstein – Noah Lins
Officer O’Hara – Andrew Little
Lieutenant Rooney – Emma Petersen
(Changed from Mr to Ms) Ms. Witherspoon – Zahara Umar
Understudy of all roles – Annette Juarez

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