An Update: the Rest of the Year

Hi all! We have some updates for you regarding the rest of the year.

LETTERING: We are lowering the requirements to letter; you will now need 5 drama clubs, 160 hours, and a lettering project to earn a varsity letter. Lettering projects will be adapted to accommodate the distance learning environment. Lettering materials are due by May 4.

DRAMA AWARDS: Drama awards in some form will happen on May 11. More info will come on this. Voting for awards (including exec) will take place April 20-24. A google form will be sent out to collect votes. Voting for drama awards will count as attending a drama club toward lettering.

EXEC SPEECHES: People who want to run for next year’s Exec Board will submit a 30 second video via this google form by April 17: Exec Application. Videos will be available during the voting period of April 20-24.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

COVID-19 Spring Show Update (3/27)

The following is an update from Mrs. Nebeker about the status of Spring Shows:

  • “I know many of you are wondering about the status of our productions.The short answer is that–like so much else right now–we don’t know. But I do want to give you some information to help guide your expectations. First, the governor has said that schools are to remain closed until at least May 4th. For one, this means that our original calendars and performance contract dates are out the window. This also means that even under the best possible scenario, we’d only be back in school for a few weeks. If we are back at school in May, we will try to arrange some kind of modified performance, possibly something like a staged reading with no tech or limited tech since we’d likely have minimal access to facilities. Again, this is best-case scenario. We have to acknowledge the possibility that we won’t be back in school at all, which would mean no spring productions.
  • Given these realities, I want to let casts and crews know that we are not expecting you to be working on lines or other prep for the shows. If we resume in some form, we’ll accommodate not being memorized (the staged reading would be scripts in hand). That said, you are certainly allowed to continue working on memorizing, characterization, etc., if you choose to. It’s all good actor practice. I just don’t want anyone to be extra stressed or extra disappointed depending on how things turn out. We miss being with you, and we also feel the loss of these opportunities. We were going to be amazing!
  • Similarly, I don’t have any certainty about Broadway. I have to say it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do it. But if you’re at home right now planning your choreography or practicing your solo, you go! These kinds of efforts aren’t wasted, even if we don’t get to perform when and how we expected to. Broadway, live from home???
  • We will do Drama Awards in some way. Jay and I will be working with exec to develop some back-up plans, even if that involves a virtual red carpet.”
  • We hope all are well in this difficult time.

    Almost, Maine Cast List

    Congratulations to those cast in Almost, Maine! The first rehearsal will be Monday, March 9th, from 4 – 6 pm in the AUD.

    Pete: Riley Wilson

    Ginette/Waitress/Suzette: Lahari Hosur

    Glory/Gayle: Jasmine Carter

    East/Phil: Amin Mahdi

    Jimmy/Man: Durssa Albert

    Sandrine/Hope: Reagan Pawlyszyn

    Steve/Randy: Xander Gordy

    Chad/Dave: Sam Aaberg

    Lendall/Rhonda: Caitlin Warshaw

    Marvalyn/Marci: Karin Seaver

    These Shining Lives Cast List

    Congratulations to those cast in These Shining Lives! The first rehearsal will be tomorrow, March 6th, from 3-5 pm in the PAC.

    Catherine Donahue: Anna Frischmon

    Charlotte Purcell: Katie Nowak

    Frances O’Connell: Nirina Crepin

    Pearl Payne: Nicki Kunz

    Tom Donahue: Sam Zwiefelhofer

    Mr. Reed: Stavan Bhakta


    Elizabeth Saunders

    Cam Steven

    William Gillquist

    Will Fischer

    Spring Show Callback List

    The following people are called back for These Shining Lives and Almost, Maine:

    Sam Aaberg

    Durssa Albert

    Stavan Bhakta

    Aden Bickler 

    Jasmine Carter

    Nirina Crepin

    Will Fischer

    Anna Frischmon

    William Gillquist

    Xander Gordy

    Lahari Hosur

    Nicki Kunz

    Amin Mahdi

    Aria Miles

    Katie Nowak

    Reagan Pawlyszyn

    Elizabeth Saunders

    Sophia Sailer

    Karin Seaver

    Camden Steven

    Tenzin Tsyang

    Caitlin Warshaw

    Jay Wilson

    Riley Wilson

    Spencer Wilson

    Sam Zwiefelhofer

    Callbacks will be from 3:40-6 pm tomorrow, March 5th, in the Auditorium. Bring conflict sheets. Break a leg, everyone!

    Spring Show Auditions

    Auditions for spring shows are coming up fast!

    The two shows this spring are Almost, Maine (directed by Christopher Kent) and These Shining Lives (directed by Laurie Nebeker). Information about these shows is in a previous update.


    MONOLOGUE MENTORS: March 2nd from 3-5 pm, AUD

    AUDITIONS: March 3rd-4th from 3-5 pm, AUD

    CALLBACKS: March 5th from 3-5 pm, AUD, possible March 6th

    AUDITION MATERIAL: 30-60 second monologue, dramatic or comedic

    Spring show auditions are open call! This means that you will perform your audition in front of the directors and also everyone else that is auditioning. No time slot sign ups will be available, you will just have to show up and hang out until your name is called!

    Please come knowing your conflicts from March 7th – May 2nd. Please let the directors know if you are only willing and/or able to participate in a particular show.

    We’re so excited to get started! Break a leg auditioners!