Fall Short Theater Festival

Overview: what is the fall show this year?

This year, the Eden Prairie High School Drama Department is hosting a Fall Shorts Festival as their fall show! This festival will be a collection of small ten-minute plays that have COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing factors in mind. In total, the performance is scheduled to be anywhere from 70-90 minutes long, and will be performed on November 12-14th. Each person will most likely be cast in one show and will rehearse 2-3 days a week. Tech hours and meeting times will depend on the amount of students auditioning.

Auditions: what can we expect in the auditioning process?

Auditions for the Fall Shorts Festival will be different due to COVID-19 restrictions. Prior to any auditions, both cast and tech, we ask that those interested will fill out an information and scheduling form, which will be listed below. These will be crucial during the auditioning process, so please plan accordingly! Audition Monologues will also be provided below, and are recommended to be memorized. If you cannot memorize, you are allowed to bring a reference sheet with your monologues to your audition. Masks are required and social distancing regulations will be in place. More specific audition information will be posted soon, so please check the Drama Club Groupme as well as the Drama Instagram for more frequent updates.

Audition Monologues

Audition Information Sheet (REQUIRED TO AUDITION)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the Fall Show be performed?

A: This year’s Fall Short Theater Festival will be performing on November 12-14th, which will account for about 3-4 shows depending on whether we will host a matinee on the 14th.

Q: Where will the fall show be performed?

A: We expect to be able to seat about 80 people with social distancing regulations in the PAC per showing. If COVID-19 regulations require, we will either perform each play individually live with a small audience or record and have the show livestreamed and posted.

Q: Will this show have Monologue Mentors?

A: Yes! Our executive team is working on a plan do figure out how to host a Monologue Mentors session in a COVID-19 safe environment. An update will follow soon.

Q: Will I be able to be cast in multiple plays?

A: Like Trajectories, any double casting will be very limited due to COVID-19, however double casting also depends on the amount of students auditioning. The number of plays being used and the amount of students in those plays will be revealed at callbacks when the numbers are properly counted. We as a Drama Department believe that safety is out number one priority, and want to make this show as safe as possible for both our actors and technicians.