Lettering Info

To letter in drama you must have:

  • 250 documented hours
  • 7 drama clubs
  • 1 lettering project that must be approved by Mrs. Nebeker or an exec member.

All hours and projects are due by May 1 and must be turned into Mrs. Nebeker. Broadway hours count for the next school year. You may letter more than once in a single year. For this you need 250 hours each time as well as another lettering project, no additional drama clubs are required.

Lettering Project Ideas

  • Host a Coffee House
  • Head Usher for a show
  • Organize underhouse
  • Organize auditorium underhouse
  • Organize old and/or new shop
  • Direct a trajectories show
  • Choreograph a trajectories dance
  • Assistant stage manager

Contact Mrs. Nebeker or an exec member with any questions