An Update: the Rest of the Year

Hi all! We have some updates for you regarding the rest of the year.

LETTERING: We are lowering the requirements to letter; you will now need 5 drama clubs, 160 hours, and a lettering project to earn a varsity letter. Lettering projects will be adapted to accommodate the distance learning environment. Lettering materials are due by May 4.

DRAMA AWARDS: Drama awards in some form will happen on May 11. More info will come on this. Voting for awards (including exec) will take place April 20-24. A google form will be sent out to collect votes. Voting for drama awards will count as attending a drama club toward lettering.

EXEC SPEECHES: People who want to run for next year’s Exec Board will submit a 30 second video via this google form by April 17: Exec Application. Videos will be available during the voting period of April 20-24.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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